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Welcome to the next generation in hearing aid testing!

The FONIX 8000 is the world's most advanced hearing aid test system, featuring the unique Polar Plot Sound Chamber, capable of performing automatic polar plot measurements of directional hearing aids. Although the results are not a replacement for laboratory testing using an anechoic chamber, the 8120 Polar Plot chamber provides the hearing health professional with a clinical tool for verifying approximate directionality characteristics of the hearing aid. As directional hearing aids continue to grow in popularity, this feature has become essential in the modern hearing aid clinic.

Directional Testing

The Polar Plot Option on the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System includes two test screens for performing measurements on directional hearing aids: The Directional Polar Test Screen and the Directional Difference Test Screen.The revolutionary Polar Plot test screen gives the clinician a 360° view of the directionality of the hearing aid at the specified angles. The two-dimensional directionality index (2D/DI) is automatically calculated for each curve as well as the overall average 2D/DI for all eleven possible curves. These values will help the clinician quantify the directionality of the hearing aid.

A polar plot showing that hearing aid is amplifying sounds in front of the patient at higher levels than sounds behind the patient will confirm to the clinician that the directional hearing aid is functioning properly. However, a completely circular polar graph will immediately tell the clinician that the hearing aid's directionality is not working at all.

Also available is the Directional Difference test screen. The Directional Difference test displays a more conventional frequency graph that showed the difference between the hearing aid's "front" response and its "back" response. This tells the clinician how the hearing aid's directionality changes depending upon the frequency of the input signal.

Advanced Testing

High end users such as researchers and hearing aid manufacturers often need to be able to perform specific coupler measurements that are usually included as part of an automated test sequence. For those users, the FONIX 8000 has the Input/Output, Attack & Release, and Battery Current test screens.

In the Input/Output test screen, you can measure the compression characteristics of the hearing aid at any frequency between 200 and 8000 Hz in 100 Hz intervals. Alternately, you can choose to use the broadband Composite signal.

In the Attack & Release test screen, you can measure the attack and release compression characteristics of the hearing aid and display the results as a function of time in graphical format. You can even zoom in on the test results to get more detailed information about how the hearing aid reacts to sudden increases and decreases in the test signal.

The Battery Current test screen gives the user an estimate of the battery life of the hearing aid and performs battery current measurements as a function of frequency and input level so you can see if the hearing aid drains the battery more in certain situations. This gives you a very complete picture of the battery current drain of the hearing aid.

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