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System 824
The Larson Davis System 824 combines advanced sound level meter and real-time analyzer capabilities into a rugged, user-friendly, ergonomic package. The base unit is an Integrating Sound Level Meter (ISM) that meets Type 1 Standards and offers simultaneous measurement of sound pressure levels using fast, slow, and impulse detectors, for A, C, and flat frequency weightings. This feature, termed ANY LEVEL™ measures 48 sound pressure parameters at once with a linear, 105 dB range. With firmware enhancements, the base unit expands as needed to accommodate multiple data processing requirements, including:
  • Sound Spectrum Analyzer (SSA) with ANY LEVEL™ simultaneous sound pressure level measurement, real-time 1/3 octave frequency analysis, spectral Lns and multiple time histories. This is your do everything at once" instrument.
  • Real-time Frequency Analyzer (RTA) provides rapid storage of 1/3 octave spectra at rates to 400/second, advanced trigger functions and automated determination of reverberation time.
  • Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer (FFT) with 400-line resolution from 1 Hz to 20 kHz for specific frequency investigations. Includes snapshot data storage, THD calculations, user definable linear units, and more.
  • Logging Sound Level Meter (LOG) provides advanced time and data logging features, including automatic logging of data associated user-defined noise events.
As with all Larson Davis products, this equipment is complemented with toll free applications assistance, 24-hour customer service, and is backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees satisfaction or your money refunded.
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