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Computerized Speech Lab (CSL), Model 4150B, is a highly advanced acoustic analysis system with robust hardware for data acquisition complemented by the most versatile suite of software available for speech/voice analysis, measurement, and therapy. Our speech & voice testing Center is equipped with all the latest equipments.

PENTAX offers two versions of the CSL hardware: Model 4500 (described in a separate section) and Model 4150B. Both platforms share many similarities, but Model 4150B is lower cost because, comparatively, it contains slightly reduced specifications (see table of differences below). Although these differences are meaningful for some applications, CSL 4150B should be viewed as a highly cost-effective system depending on the user′s requirements. The two CSL models are state-of-the-art input/output audio devices for a PC, and meet the exacting requirements for reliable acoustic measurements both in the clinic and for research.

CSL Hardware Module Advantages

CSL 4150B contains an external module with user controls and an internal plug-in card for the host computer. The external module offers many advantages over systems using an internal I/O card. Among these are convenient access to all input/output jacks (e.g., for microphone and headphones) and easy volume adjustments. During speech input, the signal level is readily adjusted with an external knob to ensure optimal data acquisition with the broad range of voice amplitudes encountered in the clinic. For the Voice Range Profile program, a calibrated input, which is activated by a switch on the external module, ensures precise dB SPL measurements. CSL hardware was designed from the ground up to meet the challenging demands of speech acquisition and accurate measurement. In addition to the many user conveniences, the external module provides rigorous signal conditioning (e.g., preamplification and anti-aliasing filters) resulting in accurate representation of the digitized signals. The signal-to-noise specification of the CSL exceeds 90 dB, which meets the recommended specifications of the National Centre for Voice and Speech (NCVS).

speech & voice testing Center. speech & voice testing Center. speech & voice testing Center

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