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Portable Hearing Aid Analyzer

Move your hearing aid fittings into the world of the touch screen! The new FP35 Touch adds a new interactive dimension to hearing instrument verification. Touch the screen to navigate to the desired test screen or to make changes to important settings. Swipe the screen and move to the next one or call up local menus-real control at your fingertips!

Real Ear Measures

Real-ear measurements ensure that your hearing aid fittings are solid and based upon actual data not just predictions. Patients will really appreciate you going the extra mile for them to provide great customer service. And if the patient comes back, complaining that the hearing aid is no longer working like before, real-ear measurements can save you valuable time in troubleshooting the problem

Visible Speech

Real-ear measurements can be performed conventionally using the newly improved Digital Speech signal or you can use Visible Speech with live or pre-recorded actual speech signals. Switch between using the built-in signals and the Visible Speech signals with a simple touch to the screen. Want to see the exact sound level values at the ear? Switch between the graphical and numerical displays with another simple touch of the stylus.

Standards Testing

The FP35 Touch comes with your choice of automated test sequence: ANSI (American), IEC(European/International), or JIS (Japanese). If more than one test sequence is desired, just specify it with your order for a small additional cost. A larger external sound chamber is also available as an option.

Frequency-Shifting Hearing Aids

Some advanced hearing aids have the capability of transposing amplification in high frequencies (that may be inaudible to your patient) to lower frequencies where your patient can hear them. The FP35 can test these hearing aids with the special DIG FS test signal. The input frequency is shown as a vertical line on the test screen while the hearing aid response is displayed normally. This allows you to easily see the spectral shift of the hearing aid.

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