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The Digital Strobe is an advanced imaging system that digitally records stroboscopic, and other endoscopic, exams to a fully integrated video capture and playback workstation.

Superior Stroboscopy Light Source

Nasometer II uses an innovative headset device, worn by the patient, which separates the oral and nasal cavities witha baffle plate. Microphones mounted on the top and bottom of the plate collect acoustic energy during speech. The instrument computes a ratio of the acoustic data acquired by the two microphones. This ratio is termed nasalance (the acoustic correlate of perceived nasality) and is displayed as a percent, with higher percentages representing increased nasalance

One of the key components to any "true" stroboscopy system is the light source. PENTAX's stroboscope uses 5-microsecond flashes to freeze the quickly vibrating vocal fold, thereby providing razor-sharp image clarity throughout the glottal cycle over a wide range of fundamental frequencies and vocal amplitudes. Shuttered camera approaches that attempt to mimic stroboscopy are unable to match this image quality which is particularly evident when a recording containing motion, such as vocal fold movement, is paused for image analysis or printing a still.

PENTA's light source contains all of the key features for maximum quality and versatility: excellent illumination of laryngeal images with both xenon and halogen constant light sources, slow motion playback of the vibrating vocal folds, accurate pitch extraction over an extensive amplitude range, footswitch control of important functions, throat microphone or EGG input, fast lock-on time, and field replaceable bulbs.

Many stroboscopy light sources vary in brightness during the glottal cycle resulting in a "blinking" image quality. This effect may be accentuated with changes in amplitude and fundamental frequency. PENTAX's light source includes a special circuit that eliminates blinking video and provides uniform brightness throughout the patient's pitch and amplitude range.

Powerful Image Capturing System

The Digital Strobe includes all of the capabilities to capture and play back motion video without artifacts. Audio (patient audio or examiner comments) and video are captured together. To ensure precise color accuracy and convenient setup, the computer system downloads optimized camera settings for each endoscope. The image quality is superb with progressive scan display (no flicker).

From any exam recording, images (stills and video clips) can be extracted and viewed on other computers, sent electronically to colleagues, or placed in a PowerPoint presentation. Additionally, a DVD of user-selected segments can be created to provide to patients or to referring physicians. The latest system also has many networking options available (endoPortal, endoServer, and DICOM Compliance Module) for remote exam review and data storage in a central data repository within a facility.

Originally designed primarily for recording stroboscopy procedures, the Digital Strobe has evolved into a versatile endoscopic recording workstation that can be used to record all endoscopic procedures in the ENT/speech clinic. Its built-in patient database (using standard SQL format) and exam management system allow the procedures to be easily accessed for review at any time.

  • Excellent image quality for stroboscopic and endoscopic exams
  • Instant retrieval and playback of recorded procedures
  • Ideal for laryngeal, TNE, sinus, and other endoscopy procedures
  • Report generator containing images and key exam findings
  • Standard video formats for portability of exam segments
  • Patient database (SQL) and exam management system
  • Acclaimed stroboscopic light source for superior image quality
  • Comprehensive networking solutions
  • Easy DVD creation for patients or referring physician
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